Our History

Welcome... The non-profit Cultural Diversity Council of the Upper Minnesota River Valley began its formation in 2011. We started as a group of like-minded theatrical performers and technical assistants. Our goal was to put together a show for the Holiday Season that featured local artists from various heritages.

In 2011, we showcased a number of artists performing music, song and dance from their unique cultures. This show brought together many positive reactions from our audience. Because of the positive reactions and newly formed societal interactions, we knew we had a unique theatrical model to build upon.

We continued to fund our presentations with our own personal funds. All participants were strictly volunteers. From 2011-2016, as our model continued to grow, we added new shows during different parts of each year. The logistics of sustaining our theatrical model with our own personal financing became a hardship. Thus, in 2017, we rolled out our non-profit.

Since 2017, we have provided several new Showcases for various Community Events. We also help to sponsor Events beyond our own. We have donated over one ton of non-perishable foods during our Holiday Food Drive, to our local Food Shelves. Now, we add a Toy Drive and a Coat Drive to our Holiday Charitable Giving.

We are bringing together other like-minded groups to forge ahead in philanthropy goals for the future. We help sponsor charitable Benefit Events for families burdened with soaring medical costs due to serious illness. We will help should there be a need due to fire or natural disasters, such as flooding. We take the time to listen to the underserved- while providing contacts for much-needed information and assistance.

How can we do all of this? With help from people like you-our Members!! Please consider investing in your community through our non-profit Membership that start as low as $25.00! Keep in mind that we are always looking for volunteers to help us with each Event. Not quite sure about a Membership or Volunteering at this time? Well, just come to one of our Shows!! Bring the whole family, as we are always “Kid-Friendly”. Children are our future!!!​

Our non-profit has a multi-cultured and multi-talented Board. Our goal, aside from presenting quality entertainment, is to provide a positive platform for constructive bridging while focusing on many of today’s societal issues. We wish to Celebrate our Differences as a Tool to Embrace rather than Tear Apart.

​Cultural Diversity Council of the Upper MN River Valley has a very simple Mission Statement: “Blessing Heart and Mind as We Gather, Every Time.” “TOGETHER, We Will Celebrate our Diversity With LOVE, HOPE, and KINDNESS”.

Will YOU help us to SUSTAIN our GOAL?