About Us

Writers, Volunteers, Teachers, Students, Story Tellers, Singers, Musicians, Media Reps, Artists, and More...

About Our Team

We are a like-minded group of Artistic Individuals. We come together at various times in the year to promote Love, Hope, and Kindness within Communities. We do this by creating seeds of change through various Art Exhibits and Musical Performances. We are Family Oriented. Our Shows and Gatherings reflect Family Values. We are focused on sharing Diverse Cultural Exchange. We are driven to effect Community Positivity.

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Why Choose Us?

Our unified Goal is to Inspire Positive Outreach and Cultural Exchange for All People. We are a 501-c-3 Charity. Our Values reflect Equality for Everyone. We strive to uplift our communities. As a 501-c-3 Nonprofit Charity, we provide tools through our many Events, for Community Bridging and Acceptance. We strive to improve Community Relations, and the advancement of Diverse Social and Cultural Heritages.